BBQ Cider Chicken

Chicken done on the BBQ is always something to enjoy, but you can take it to the next level using beer or cider. In this case, I went cider with a can of the well-known Strongbow cider and it's oh-so tender and tasty. So, what do you do?

First, pre-heat your BBQ. We're going to want to work with indirect heat, so this works best if you have 3 or more burners on a gas BBQ or a large working surface if you have a coal/wood BBQ. Either way, you want to get up to about 550 degrees or so and ensure that the chicken has a place that isn't directly on the flames.

As the BBQ is getting going, time to prep things up. I have a can holder, which is very useful to have, and I placed the can of cider in it. You want to drain it down to about half a can. If you like cider to drink, that's the best way to reach the half way mark...

The holder gives good stability on the BBQ, which is handy if you don't want to risk having the chicken fall over when you lift the lid just a little too quickly.

Okay, next, put your chicken over the can... and don't giggle at the appearance. Of course, make sure you remove any of the spare parts such as the giblets and neck, otherwise the plastic bag is going to really spoil the taste.

Now oil up that baby using a good quality extra-virgin olive oil. Then, mix up some fresh herbs (such as sage and rosemary) with fresh ground pepper and salt and rub that on the chicken. Also, stuff some rosemary and sage into the opening at the top. Truss the bird if, like me, you decide that sage under the wings is a good idea.

If your BBQ is up to heat, bring out the bird and place it so that the heat is indirect (preferably on both sides).

Now, you want to close the lid (and keep it that way for most of the cooking time) and roast the chicken for about 1 hour to 1:15 hours, depending on size. The breast should read 165 degrees and thighs at 180 degrees and juices should run clear.

Let it rest 10 minutes, carve, and enjoy.


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